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What Our Patients Say About Us

Before I went to see Inside Health, I had seen "specialists" and neurologists for 4 years who had me on so many highly addictive drugs that they spent more time on treating side effects vs the cause of the health issue ( daily migraines, horrible sensations in my brain, massive fatigue, etc.) that I was suffering from. I needed a pill dispenser to track all the drugs that I took daily . I even had surgery to try to resolve the issue. My health continued to spiral downwards with no positive signs that I could recover After 4 years, I went to Inside Health as a "last resort" .. After a couple of months, I was well on my way to recovery with all migraines eliminated. I am now 100% drug free and in great health. Outside of the outstanding care that Inside Health offered, she has taught me how to eat and live better. On every visit, I learned useful items that I can apply for the rest of my life. Try that from getting a drug prescription Lastly, Inside Health offers amazing personal care ... truly cares about her patients ... and she went to amazing lengths to help me. When I went to see her, I was definitely not just "another" patient.. as I felt when visiting my rich, arrogant Neurologist.
Glenn L.
My dad had T-cell lymphoma, and he was given 2-3 months to live in February of 2012. At that point, the medical system told him to get his affairs in order because there was nothing left to do. However, we weren't ready to give up. We spent a lot of time reading about alternative cancer treatments, and we went to see Inside Health. It was a good thing we did, because they've literally saved his life. In May of 2012, my dad had a catheter and he was in a wheelchair. In May of 2013, my dad has regained his strength and he's walking around - cancer free. I can't say enough about Inside Health's willingness to go the extra mile with my dad. She truly cares about her patients. If you are dealing with health issues of any sort, Inside Health can definitely help.
Tom Y.
Amazing Staff. Inside Health is very knowledgeable and kind. They are very dedicated to wellbeing of her patients!
Maryse H.
Highly recommend this health clinic.. the Inside Health team is knowledgeable and great with kids.. We are currently working on improving my daughters (5 years old) gut health and immunity and the improvement is visible in a mere two months.. I have learned a great lot, Inside Health takes the time to explain and make sure I understand why these dietary changes need to be incorporated.
Bought a package of 3 for colon cleans due to ulcer problem and after 2 treatments I haven’t had any ulcer problem, Megan did the treatment and was very sweet and professional, highly recommend.
R Sahota.
Great staff. Everyone is so polite. Amanda is great at the front, Megan is great with the IV's, and Rita is also great with the blood analysis. The entire Inside Health team is amazing to work with. I told her what my concerns were and wanting to do the best for my body to help prevent cancer/disease and she guided me towards a better diet which saw myself drop weight and have better overall health from the inside out. Great clinic and staff. Well done!
Miguel S.
Inside health is a wonderful clinic. Filled with very professional, knowledge and kind staff. Recently I tried the ozone inhalation to help with inflammation in my sinuses. I have been having issues smelling and tasting due to nasal polyps for 2 years. The ozone inhalation along with other treatments has most certainly aided in my return to tasting and smelling. I highly recommend trying this if you have inflammation or an infection in your sinuses.
Paven B.
The staff is great. Very friendly. They literally changed my views regarding my health. I felt the changes within 2 weeks. Knowing what I am allergic to, completely changed my mindset. Absolutely recommended. 🙂
Lorraine G.