Top 10 things you can do to live a HEALTHIER life.

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Accurate assessments better inform our decisions! Accurate and appropriate testing is essential in determining one’s health—as well as any problems that may exist. At Inside Health, we pride ourselves in offering our patients some of the most cutting-edge advanced testing available. We use a variety of testing methods to assess body function and locate evidence of particular concerns. Many of these tests are identical or similar to those run by conventional doctors: blood tests for anemia and liver problems, urine tests for kidney problems, stool tests for infections, and the like.

Personalized Programs

Enhanced Weight Loss

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  • Hormone Testing
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • Ozone Sauna
  • "Get Skinny" Injection


  • Sauna
  • Yoga Class and/or Counselling session
  • Naturopathic Consult
  • Live Blood Analysis
  • IV Replenish
  • PEMF (Stress) Treatment


  • Colon Hydrotherapy Session
  • Fresh Pressed Organic Greens Juice
  • IV Detoxify
  • Ozone Sauna
  • PEMF (inflammation) Treatment

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Your body works around-the-clock to protect, heal and recharge you. At Inside Health, we use science and research to better understand it, helping you to overcome illness, relieve pain and improve your quality of life. Rather than simply address problems, we go deeper to understand causes, prevent recurrence and take your wellness to the next level. Our mission is to stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal itself by empowering and inspiring you to live a well-balanced life.