A healthy spine equals a healthy life

Dr. Marco- Oakville's Chiropractor..

 If you want to feel healthy, younger and empowered then give yourself the benefit of getting adjusted.  A healthy spine really does equal a healthy life. You only have one body, are you taking care of yours? Dr. Marco Bouchard primarily uses a specific chiropractic technique called Gonstead. Its principles are based on biomechanics and physics, ensuring a strong and stable foundation to each person’s body.  With this principle, any shift in this foundation, like a house, can cause major structural issues, presenting as aches, pains, and dysfunction.

Dr. Marco does a thorough assessment with every patient, taking a full complaint oriented history and looks for misalignments through physical exam and current X-Rays, and any other recent imaging reports.

Benefits of Chiropractic work

Back pain relief

While most people might reach for the over-the-counter pain medications to deal with their back pain, there’s another way of dealing with that pain that can be just as effective: chiropractic care. Back pain chiropractic care is one of the safest, most effective methods for the treatment of lower back pain.

Neck pain relief

One study involving chiropractic patients with neck pain found that 96 percent of respondents indicated that they were either “Very satisfied” or “Satisfied” with the chiropractic care they received, and that 98 percent said that they “Definitely would” or were “Very likely” to choose chiropractic care again if they experienced a similar problem.

Lower blood pressure

In 2007, George Bakris, the world expert on hypertension, published a study with a team of researchers in the Human Journal of Hypertension showing that one upper cervical chiropractic adjustment had the same effect as two blood pressure-lowering drugs. Even more fascinating, the effects of just one adjustment lasted more than six months!

Headache relief

Whether you suffer from migraines or tension headaches, chiropractic care may be the answer. More than 230 peer-reviewed articles have been published referencing how chiropractic treatment can help to cure and prevent headaches and migraines.

Proper organ functioning

The value of a Chiropractic adjustment far exceeds the limits imposed by someone pursuing back and neck pain relief. The spine maintains an intimate connection with the central nervous system. The function of every organ within the body runs directly through the oversight of the central nervous system

Surgery prevention

Chiropractic has long been heralded by natural health care providers as a natural method to prevent back surgery. In fact, the Journal of the American Medical Association just recently published its low back pain guidelines and suggested that people suffering from back pain first try chiropractic before resorting to surgery.

Here's what other People had to say..

"If you love life and want to feel better get under the care of Dr Marco. He has treated me over many years for acute pain, new and old injuries as well general wear on the body. His skill, bedside manner and genuine desire to help in any way he can is second to none. Many times I have hobbled in for an adjustment and could easily have skipped out. Thank you Dr Marco, Oakville and Burlington are very lucky to have you here healing our community."
Rachel Shipley Li
"Dr. Marco saved my life with his Chiropractic work. I recommend him to everybody."
Rina Dickinson
"If I could recommend any chiropractors in the area, it would have to be Dr. Marco Bouchard!
Amanda Toepp

Do you have a subluxation?

A subluxation is when there is an imbalance and misalignment in your spine.  This can cause uneven pressure on your discs causing it to swell (also called a slipped, herniated or ruptured disc.)  This swelling can irritate nerves from its compression, which is where most of your mechanical symptoms would arise.  Symptoms of a subluxation include: anything from irregular heart beats, numbness, tingling, headaches, digestive issues, low energy, and most aches and pains.  The list is endless.

When will I feel improvement?

Results drastically vary per person, each adjustment is working towards correcting any misalignment, and depending on how chronic the condition, and your state of health. Though, the first day will set you on a path to a healthier and happier life.