Ozone Sauna

We all understand the importance of sweating, and allowing the body to detoxify through skin.  At Inside Health we use the power of heat and steam to open up your pores, then therapeutic oxygen saturates the sauna chamber for a total of 20 minutes, allowing maximum absorption and therapeutic effect.


Why Ozone Sauna

Ozone/Oxygen therapy oxidizes toxic heavy metals and chemicals, and converts them into a more water soluble form, so that they can be eliminated through skin, and later on through liver and kidneys.

A few of the benefits


Take notice of the dark stains/colour on the white towel post treatment – some patients notice this right away, whereas other, more debilitated patients may not see this effect until after completing several sessions.  There is no purpose for heavy metals in your system, so eliminating them from the body has a multitude of benefits from clearing up skin, improving digestion, improve nutrient assimilation and prevention of chronic disease by decreasing inflammation.


Harmful microbes cannot live in the presence of ozone, including yeasts, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.  Knowing this, therapeutic amounts in a sauna setting can help improve most skin conditions that are the results of these pathogens, including candidiasis, eczema, psoriasis, and most other infections.


A healthy immune system is critical to fighting any illness in the body. Ozone has an immune-modulating effect, not only supporting immune cells to work at its full potential, but also, this therapy is also very effective for those with auto-immune disorders (modulate the immune system to help stop it from attacking healthy human cells).



By increasing oxygen metabolism in the body, fat is able to be burned more efficiently, and an improvement in energy is felt.  An increase in antioxidant production, and mitochondrial function are also critical to all healthy cells to produce more energy, and therefore enhance the function of our metabolism.