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Weight Loss Program


Tired of feeling like your body can't shed that belly fat?

This program has been designed for you if:

Lose that Stubborn Weight

What People Love About Our Program

What Does This Program Contain?

6 Weeks of STEP-BY-STEP Modules To Lose That Stubborn Weight

  • – 6 EASY-to-follow modules to boost metabolism.
    – Access to live Q&A sessions with Dr. Lori & Dr. Renata.
    – Fat burning & superfoods list along with an optimal shopping list.
  • – Over 30 downloadable worksheets and guides to keep you on track!
  • – Daily detox tips to keep you feeling amazing while losing weight! No Brain Fog allowed!
  • – Exclusive discounts on supplements and in-clinic services.

– SAVING thousands of dollars in medical costs and countless hours trying to find a solution.
– The ultimate anti-inflammatory/ anti-bloat protocol guides.

  • – Ultimate fat loss food guides.
    – Anti-stress modules.
    – Numerous guides to including videos and a wellness guides.

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A Sneak Peek Into the Signature Weight Loss Method

A step-by-step guide for weight loss that actually works. With this online program, you also get access to modules with OVER 20 videos designed just for this course. Including videos like: “The Ultimate Lymphatic Optimization,” “Ultimate Coffee Enema,” “Advanced Therapies,” “Detox Protocols,” and many many more! 

It’s Time To Invest In A

Method That WORKS!

Here’s everything you’ll receive:

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Here's What You're Really Getting

Module 1

Top mindset strategies to help you lose weight fast (in the healthiest way possible!) 

Daily habits that are critical to your weight loss success.

How to fuel your “Big WHY” into ensuring your goals are achievable.  

Module 2

Learn which foods are best for weight loss

Which food combinations are a must to lose fat, NOT muscle

Easy to follow DELICIOUS recipes (all gluten, dairy, sugar free)

Biohacking weight loss foods, and what time is best to eat them to optimize your metabolism

Module 3

Shedding weight through detoxification

Easy detox strategies to incorporate on a daily basis.

Which “detox” fads are a waste of your time, and which ones are a MUST to include daily. 

Morning and night time routines to feel lighter and more energy

Module 4

Accelerator weight loss week.

Lose 0-2 lbs each day of inflammation, toxicity, excess waste products that have been sitting in your system for years.

Detailed EASY TO FOLLOW protocol designed by Naturopathic Doctors to safely upregulate your fat burning potential 

Module 5

Personalize your plan – what blood and hormone values are CRITICAL to understand

Easy strategies to incorporate based on your hormone and lab work results.

Tools to enhance the common fat burning organs. (Thyroid, Liver, Gut)

What weight loss markers (blood work)  to look for and to optimize * Here’s a hint: just being “within the reference range” is NOT IDEAL!

Module 6

How to keep the weight off, maintain balance, and own a plan for long term success.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and snack ideas for ongoing energy, health, and continue the ongoing fat burning potential. 

We believe you deserve to be happy, healthy and live a long fulfilling life, at the WEIGHT that YOU feel your best! That is why we created ‘The Weight Loss Program’ where we provide YOU all the tools in order for you to lose that stubborn weight!


No. While there are many similarities behind the underlying lifestyle and nutritional foundations of optimal metabolic function, you are unique and so you needs might be different! However, these key underlying factors have to be in optimal functioning in order for any weight loss program to be truly effective. To get to the root cause of your issue, you should work with a health care practitioner that can dig deeper.

The information provided is not to be used as a substitute or instead of medical care. Please see attached disclaimer: this course is to provide an integrative approach to support the conventional approach, and all material should be discussed by a professional.

All the modules and guides are included at no additional costs. However some of the protocols require add on-costs if you don’t already own, for example, a dry skin brush or a coffee enema kit. They can be purchased though Inside Health at a discount (You are now an Insider VIP Member!) 

Yes we strongly encourage you share this wealth of information with anyone in your support team. It is so important that your loved ones understand why making change is critical, and have the studies and resources to support you through your journey. 

You can go through at your own pace, and even jump to modules that you feel to be more relevant to your specific situation. Although there are hours of information through video and text provided, you really can enjoy at your own pace, taking anywhere from 1-5 hours per module.


Knowledge is power! 

While applying all the tools and strategies, you will feel more empowered, and optimistic. Once all the modules are complete you may feel more energy, less inflamed, less brain fog, and stronger. We also find that most of our participants lose around 10-40lbs in the program, but your body is different so we don’t guarantee specific weight loss results.


Upon registration of the program you will be invited to our online Facebook community where we offers live Q&A sessions and you have the chance to interact with others who are also on their weight loss journey!

Inside Health team can be contacted directly if you have any technical difficulties or direct questions about the program – we want nothing more than optimal healing and success for you!


Dr. Lori & Dr. Renata

Lori Bouchard and Renata Zambo are on a mission to help you understand your path to health, how gut health, food, lifestyle and environmental factors all impact your weight, metabolism and ability to thrive! 


While Lori Bouchard and Renata Zambo are licensed Naturopathic Doctors in the province of Ontario, nothing on this website or in the program is a substitute for medical advice, and no patient-doctor relationship is formed by accessing any of the content on this website, by purchasing, or viewing a protocol/guide. If you have a specific health issue, and need medical advice, you should contact a licensed Medical or Naturopathic Doctor.