Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed & frustrated by what you need to do to feel better?

It’s time to stop trying things on your own and accelerate your healing now! What if in just three days you could…

Put your health in our hands for 3 days and we'll reset your body together

The Accelerated Healing Retreat is your ticket to a total health transformation. Look forward to…

Colon Hydrotherapy
Digestive release therapies
Personalized meal plans
Organic, gluten free, dairy free
PEMF Therapy
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy to increase circulation and stimulating healing
Many applications of acupuncture from pain reduction to hormone balancing
Nutrient Dense Meals
Organic, dairy and gluten free
Spinal Decompression Therapy
Root cause healing using advanced technologies to correct the spine
Class IV Laser Therapy
To naturally reduce pain and inflammation
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Fast Track Your Health


Manual Therapies
<< Add On >> Ask about chiropractic support
Injections focused on pain reduction
To maximize nutrition and healing
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No Thinking, Only Healing.

We make it easy for you to relax and let your body heal!

Here’s what’s included in your three day retreat…

Accelerated Healing Therapies

Comprehensive approach to support you physically, mentally, emotionally

VALUE $2,500

Accelerated Healing

Professional quality supplements designed to support your body’s healing journey

VALUE: $350 

Accelerated Healing Meals

Prepared for you, delicious organic meals
VALUE $350 


I have suffered with back/hip pain along with sciatica for many years which affected every aspect of my life. Every time I tried to stand up straight I would get severe pain in my hip. Right after I did my first session on the spinal decompression table, I got off and was able to stand up straight without any pain in my hip. I was also able to stand in one spot without pain as well. Previously, I could not stand static for more than 30 seconds without considerable pain and having to sit down. I was amazed and relieved that something had finally worked!
- Burlington, ON
I had been living with joint pains, headaches, and back pain for so many years, and it affected every part of my life. I couldn't run around with my kids, and some days couldn't even get out of bed. I went to the clinic, and after my first day of various treatments I noticed immediate relief. My headache was gone, and I could walk without pain in every step I took. The team was amazing at explaining every therapy and how it worked to heal my body, allowing me to feel my best!
- Oakville, ON
I first came to the clinic because I was tired of living with my neck pain. I absolutely loved how Inside Health offered all of the treatments and therapies that I needed all in one place. After just a couple of treatments using red light therapy, spinal decompression, PEMF and laser therapy, my pain is virtually gone, and I have also noticed that I have so much more energy throughout the day!
- Halmilton, ON



Living in a toxic, overwhelming world, we believe you deserve to be happy, healthy and live a long fulfilling life. That is why we created the Accelerated Healing Retreat program where we provide YOU with all the tools in order for you to thrive, in the fastest way possible, in a supportive healing setting. 

-Dr Lori 


Can’t find what you are looking for? email us!

Yes we have had people travel from all over the world to attend Inside Healths accelerated healing support. Please let us know if need help finding local accommodations.

We are focusing on YOU not merely the labeled disease or diagnosis. This program is relevant to reversing how a disease process starts in the first place. Nutrition guidelines, protocols, meal plans and specific protocol guidelines are personalized.

The information provided is not to be used as a substitute or instead of medical care. This program is to provide an integrative approach to healing. No referal is required. 

All the consultations, meals, supplements, detoxification supplies, guides, protocols, services are included at no additional cost. However if additional lab work or therapies are necessary, you will be given the option to add to the suggested program.

Yes, we strongly encourage you to share this wealth of information with anyone in your support team. It is so important that your loved ones understand why making change is critical, benefit from nutrition-packed meal plans, and support you through your personal healing journey. 

The immersive retreat is 3 days, 9-5pm. Just like you cannot jump into a gym lifting 200 pounds without training for it, it is not suggested that you jump into an accelerated healing process that same way. Which is why we have a ‘prep’ phase of the program, and a post retreat maintenance phase to continue accelerating your successes. Please contact us for details. 

Previous guests have all described feeling more energy, less inflamed, less brain fog, and decreased aches and pains. The program is designed to help you feel these effects long after the 3 day retreat is complete, and set you on an accelerated healing path for years to come.

Upon registration, the staff at Inside Health will get you set up with everything you need. If at any point you have questions or concerns regarding the retreat, before or during the process, please feel free to email: acceleratedretreat@gmail.com

About The Founder


Lori Bouchard is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in the province of Ontario, although the founder, nothing on this website is medical advice, and no patient-doctor relationship is formed by accessing any of the content on this website.

Lori Bouchard is a mom of 3, and on a mission to help you accelerate your health, getting to the root of the issue. She understands if you’re not feeling your best it affects every aspect of your life – work, relationships, finances, hobbies.

Retreat healing integrates gut health, genetics, nutrition, hormones and environmental factors to proudly witness the changing of thousands of disease processes, including cancer, lyme, chronic mold, depression, and more.