Accelerated Healing Retreat

Live Longer And Stronger

When you are living with, or diagnosed with a complex and life altering disease, you want the most effective and supportive system to guide your success. Instead of chasing the symptoms, take an integrative approach to boosting your system; enhancing immune, lymphatic, digestive, hormonal and nervous system. We focus on eliminating the root cause of dysfunction, allowing you to repair and get your life back.

This accelerated healing retreat has most successfully helped people with:

Lyme, cancer, chronic fatigue, chronic mold, chronic diverticulitis, depression, autoimmune conditions such as RA, and MS, stubborn weight loss and severe acne vulgaris. However the program is suitable for anyone with a unknown/complex disease that strives for optimal resolution and healing.

Start your healing recovery, or for practitioners interested in learning Dr Lori’s advanced protocols click the links below: