When you are diagnosed with cancer you want the most effective and supportive team to guide your success.

Instead of chasing the growth of abnormal cells, take an integrative approach to boosting your system.
Enhance your immune, lymphatic, digestive and nervous systems. 
Each week of the Live Longer and Stronger retreat is focused on eliminating the root cause of dysfunction to allow your immune system to focus on killing cancer cells using ozone and IV therapy, colon hydrotherapy, neurofunctional support, lymphatic treatments, clinical nutrition, high dose vitamin C therapy, acupuncture, and mind body medicine.



The LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER Cancer retreat is for cancer patients in any step of their journey, recently diagnosed, before or after chemo to improve their immune function and health.  From the fast paced, working person, to the post chemo in remission warrior wanting everything possible to stay in remission. Since all the work is done for you, this program is especially imperative for those who want to get well, but feel too weak and tired, or unsure how to get started.  


Includes: an all-liquid dense diet, daily prepared organic vegetable juices soups, live enzymes, chlorophyll, oxygenated water, phytonutrients, vitamin, fiber, hydrotherapy, detoxing teas and accommodations.

Each week, all nutrition is supplied. Optimal nutritional support, all gluten free, dairy free, and organic and vegetarian.

Learn why cancer grows, and how to keep your body strong.
Value that will keep you strong and healthy for years.

A large part of the program involves treatments to get your lymphatic system moving. Eliminate waste through your strengthened immune system.

Neurofunctional health is a critical part to our nervous system and immune system. Each session will leave you feeling mechanically stronger.

Recharge your mitochondria and ATP production, settings for cancer, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, pain, and more.

Optimatal spine health will help with immune function, controlling pain, and boosting nervous system to enhance your bodies ability to fight cancer.

The power of oxygenating your body, boost immune function, increase blood circulation

The power of oxygen to boost immune system, reduce pain, and eliminate heavy metals in the body.

Understand your body on a cellular level. Keep strong by optimizing hormones, gut function, and understanding which chemicals and microbes may be stored in your body.

Our Doctors

Dr. Lori Bouchard, Naturopathic Doctor, Author, Detoxification expert & Dr. Marco Bouchard, Chiropractor and Neurofunctional acupuncture expert both have successful practices, focusing on functional medicine, detox, gut and nerve optimisation.
Your health experts are passionate about supporting you living longer and stronger with cancer


When your body is healing, it is critical that you are able to relax and allow your body to focus on regeneration instead of stress.

All food for the week is provided. Schedule is created for you, you just need to show up, and let us do the rest.

To maximize ease and comfort each week Includes accommodations for 6 nights, located just an elevator ride away.

You will be responsible for your own transportation to the clinic. Located at 2486 Old Bronte Road, Unit 107, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.


Q: Am I the right candidate for this Cancer Program? 

A: Everyone must schedule a call with Dr. Lori Bouchard to determine if this is the right program for you. 

Q; Do I need a referral to be a patient?

A: Your first day will include a thorough health assessment. No, you do not need a referral to apply. 

Q: What is included in the program?  

A: All listed services, required supplements, nutrition, and 9-5pm support (with extended hours if needed) each week. You have a busy schedule packed with therapies to strengthen your body to live longer.

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